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Virkware is a one-stop solution to help you efficiently manage teams and work, besides providing employees with opportunities to hone their innovations and fulfill their aspirations.

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A rich set of capabilities have been woven into a single platform that fits into how you work - so with the same effort you can deliver a lot more. Also get rich insights and access to more opportunities across your firm. Welcome to the future of work!

Simple. Intuitive. Powerful



Get a snapshot on progress of all your initiatives. Be notified automatically on actions that you need to take.

Receive recommendations on projects, initiatives or roles across your firm tailored to your interests & skills


Get all details of your initiatives in one place - progress, conversations, documents & performance feedback

All-in-one productivity solution

Launch initiatives within a few minutes and source talent from anywhere across your firm

Internal gigs & Talent sourcing

Track how you are progressing against your objectives - e.g. skills added or improved in current quarter


Search and discover people across your firm based on interests or skills and collaborate with them easily on mutual topics of interest


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Manage People better


Understand your employees' aspirations & connect them with relevant opportunities across your firm. In addition help them expand their network within the firm and receive insights to track progress.

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51 - 500 users

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more than 500 users

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Large Organizations

Get a productivity boost of 7% and reduce current attrition by 7%. 

  • Support team development and engagement.

  • Get more done with existing employees. 

  • One powerful solution to manage work, career & skills development as well as innovation.

Professional Services

Differentiate your firm!

  • A single platform to manage people, proposals, client engagements and thought leadership development. 

  • Easy skills & experience discovery for stronger client engagements and faster proposal response.

  • Get recognition for supporting multiple practices within the firm and develop a richer profile.

Start-ups & SMEs

Scale with confidence and get a productivity boost.

  • All-in-one productivity platform.

  • Use templates to get expertise out of the box and get things done.

  • Get more done with existing employees even as you grow and develop new products / new markets.


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