Who we are looking for


We are looking for smart people who will make a positive impact on the world! We celebrate conviction, collaboration, creativity, different perspectives and a dedication to constantly improve.


Experiment, fail, learn and get better. And have fun in the process! 

Current Openings

VP, Enterprise Sales 

Full time or 8hrs/Week

We are looking for a rockstar who can take our product out into the enterprise world. Our passion is around increasing productivity, reducing boredom and unlocking talent, so if you feel your company is currently not doing that, we'd love to have you and look to change the way large corporations work. This is a Enterprise selling role, so having an established presence in selling Enterprise SaaS software would greatly help. If you are currently working in Enterprise Sales and would like to try our fundamental proposition of time-slicing your day, we'd be happy to work out a quarter-time arrangement with you. Our main criteria is you have to be a rockstar sales guy who's opened doors and delivered value. 

Director, Operations

Full time

The engine needs to keep running, and we are looking for someone with a eye on detail, a nice but slightly pushy personality and an aptitude to manage conflicts, schedules and get things done. You might or might not have prior experience with operations in a software environment, but running a fast paced organization growing as we scale up will be key.